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At Dynamic Church Planting International, we believe the most effective people to send are those who are from the same or similar cultures/contexts as those we are trying to reach. Will you help us train national leaders to plant dynamic churches in places we may never go, in languages we will never speak?

Pastor Sponsorship


For $30/month you can sponsor one pastor each month to go through DCPI training. Every year, you can be a part of equipping 12 pastors to go places you may never go, to reach people who speak languages you will probably never speak. When you become a DCPI Pastor Sponsor, you get to participate in the joy of the Great Commission from right where you are!

Why Church Planting?

Jesus commanded his disciples to make disciples, to baptize them, and to teach them. Discipleship is essential to the Christian walk. Churches are the bringers God’s Word, the initiators of discipleship, the centers for fellowship, and the light-bringers in their communities. We all need the Church! And, each DCPI church leads, on average, 40 people to Christ.

Why Train Leaders?

Each church planter we train plants an average of 2.55 churches. These are men and women called by God to go into the harvest field in places where we will never go. When we train them, they multiply the reach of the Gospel, and we get to be a part of it! Some people are called to go. Some people are called to send. Will you help us send more leaders into this world?

Why is the Training Free?

God told us to train leaders for free, so that more people can be equipped and more churches can be planted. That’s why we never charge leaders to go through our training. God uses the generous gifts of people like you to train leaders to reach the world for Jesus.


Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 1994 with the vision of training leaders in every country of the world to plant dynamic churches to reach the world for Jesus. We offer trainings both live and online, so that hundreds of thousands of men and women called by God can take the Gospel to their tribes, tongues, and nations. We offer 8 tracks of training built upon biblical principles and actionable applications, so DCPI churches are effective and healthy. In 2021, we celebrated 1 MILLION churches!


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